The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (2024)


  • Idle games offer a rewarding experience even when you're not actively playing, making them perfect for casual gamers.
  • Cookie Clicker, Idle Slayer, and Almost A Hero are some of the best idle games that offer enjoyable gameplay and cute visuals.
  • From mining dogecoins to cooking soup with cats, there's a wide variety of activities you can do in unique idle games to choose from on mobile.

Mobile games tend to get a bad rap from more avid gamers, who might find it difficult to imagine what an immersive gameplay experience even looks like on a phone screen. If you are looking to dip your toes into the deep ocean that is mobile games, idle games are a perfect place to start.


The 20 Best Farming Games For Mobile

There's nothing quite like tending to a farm while you're on the move.

The beauty of a good idle game is that it rewards you both for playing it and for stepping away. However, the very best idle games will have you so enthralled that you might have trouble putting your phone down in the first place.

Idle games are defined as games that can be rewarding even when you're not actively playing them. The games on this list all offer that feature, but they also have something extra that makes them stand out. It could be humor, quality graphics, great music, interesting context, huge scale, or something more. The ones we've picked out were chosen because they're generally enjoyable, are built to last, and very accessible while also being cute and fun.

Updated May 27, 2024 by Quinton O'Connor: If you're giving our list a return visit, you might find yourself impressed by just how many of our entries now feature cats. It's not that we love cats - for the record, we do - it's just that the idle gaming genre seems to treasure them as a rule. So... here we are.

Cookie Clicker

Click Those Cookies Until All Are Yours

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (2)

There was a time when the idea of playing a game without actually playing it sounded ridiculous... and honestly, it still does, but you can't argue with the results. The idle genre seemingly appeared overnight thanks to the sensation that is Cookie Clicker.

This is a game where you click a cookie. That's it. There's a big chocolate chip cookie in the middle of the screen, and you have to click (or tap) it to get more cookies. You then use these cookies so that you get more cookies with each tap.

If you're feeling really fancy, you can spend those cookies on hiring people like Grandmas to bake cookies for you or the construction of factories and reality-altering machinery all in the name of cookies. Not a bad cause if I may say so myself.

Idle Slayer

Run, Jump, And Slash Through Everything In Your Way

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (3)

Games like Contra helped bring to life the idea of the Run n' Gun game, which lives on in more recent titles like Cuphead and Iron Meat. But what if you're running, and you don't have a gun but a sword instead? Then you've got the Dash n' Slash game, which is where Idle Slayer falls into place.

This is a 2D pixel world where you're guiding a hero across a long stretch of land full of obstacles, pitfalls, and enemies to get through. You can interact by tapping to slash and jump so that you can slay, collect things, and avoid eating dirt.

However, you can also trust the hero to perform without you and train on their own while you're on a run of your own. When you come back, you spend whatever they've earned on shiny new stuff for them, since buying stuff seems to be beyond their abilities.

Almost A Hero

Gather The Civilians To Fight However They Can

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (4)

The fantasy hero is frequently tasked with saving a land of helpless villagers when they could also take some time to train them. There's always a chance that the village could be attacked when the hero is off doing something else like fighting a boss or collecting bugs. When this happens, the villagers are forced to step up like in Almost A Hero.

This humorous little adventure has you controlling a party of villagers who have tried to find a natural synergy between hero classes and their own roles in life. You've got kids playing pretend, old men sharing their wisdom, maidens lending their hearty support, and more.

You'll lead them in fights, help them upgrade their basic abilities into something more impressive and get them closer to looking like actual heroes. When you're away, you can trust them to fight on their own only to come back and see how much the downtrodden have trodden down on the villains.


Mine That Rock And Get That Coin, Doge

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (5)

If you think you understand cryptocurrency, you don't and stop lying to yourself. Bitcoin is one of the most well-known, and it fluctuates more than jelly on a mechanical bull. It was such an odd splash in the pan that someone made a joke currency called Dogecoin which ended up becoming legitimate. Now, you can experience this meme in the form of Dogeminer.


The 10 Best Mining Games

From Sci-fi dwarves to zombie survival, take your pick.

Even though mining is needed to collect dogecoins, these serve no more value than what they have in the game. You play as the eponymous Doge as they set off on a mining mission to mine enough dogecoins to reach the moon... where there may be more doge coins. Tap to mine, spend your dogecoins on a better pickaxe and other internet images to help you gather even more whether you're actively playing or not.

Forest Island

Visit A Small And Quiet Island... With A Forest

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (7)

In Forest Island, you slowly expand the natural habitats of your world. Each biome hosts beautiful wildlife and adorable creatures who will have you cooing at your phone. The gameplay revolves around earning enough resources from your animals to continue to rejuvenate nature.

The only downside of this game is that there are quite a few ads, but they're almost always optional. If you want to progress more quickly, you watch something for 30 seconds and start building! It doesn't feel unbalanced or predatory.

One of our favorite aspects of the game is the photo mode, where you're challenged to take pictures of your animals in unique poses and activities.

AdVenture Capitalist

Build A Business, Get Paid

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (8)

In AdVenture Capitalist, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire! In this economy, who could turn that down? Just like real millionaires, you earn money by doing absolutely nothing - it accumulates throughout the day! You can customize and control your business, though, upgrading it and hiring managers to deal with the messy stuff in your absence.

Pretty quickly, you'll be surprised to see how far you can go - literally! Just like real billionaires, you can leave Earth and start to explore the universe! We're sure nothing will go wrong.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Create A Safe Space For Cats

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (9)

Neko Atsume might be the pinnacle of mobile idle games. Unlike many other idle games, which build many of their mechanics around enticing you to watch advertisem*nts, Neko Atsume asks very little of you other than your time. You use fish currency to buy food and leave it out for the neighborhood 'strays.' In return for full tummies, they gift you more fish.


10 Best Cat Games For Mobile

If you're a cat lover, these mobile games are purrfect.

This endless cycle does more than just reward you by slowly allowing you to expand your yard and buy more toys. Every time you open the app, the joy of discovering new kitties with new personalities awaits you.

Egg Inc.

Care For Chickens And Make Your Own Golden Eggs

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (11)

On its surface, Egg Inc appears to be an idle clicker game about having the best chicken farm. In actuality, it is about unlocking the secrets of the universe. Yes, you read that right. The more profitable your egg farm becomes, the more types of "world-breaking" eggs you discover.

From eggs that can cure a common cold to eggs that can power rocket ships, each discovery helps you expand your egg empire. The game is also extremely generous with the random gifts it bestows upon you, making it incredibly easy to continue your path to the egg overlord.

AFK Arena

Battles Meant To Be Fought When You're Away

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (12)

If MMORPGs, Gacha, or auto-chess games are your cup of tea, then AFK Arena is the perfect mobile game to pick up. This stunning art nouveau style idle game goes so in-depth with its strategies and mechanics that it can be difficult to get started as a newbie, but if learning new metas is your thing, AFK Arena has your name written all over it.

Build your team of heroes, send them off into battle, and collect loot from their victories while you are AFK! The further you progress, the more heroes you will unlock.

Cats & Soup

Help A Cat Make Warm And Comforting Soup

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (13)

There is something very Ghibli-esque about this idle game, in which a bunch of kitties work together to cook some soup out in the woods. Whether you are there to sell their soup or taking a step away from your phone, lets you reap the benefits of your cat's hard work, earning billions of coins.

The more riches you accrue, the more recipes and ingredients you might unlock, which means finding new cats to work in your woodsy soup kitchen. You can even get your kitties' outfits to boost their cooking stats and feed them fish to boost their happiness.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Get A Bunch Of Fantasy Hero Characters To Fight Together

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (14)

You would be hard-pressed to find a gamer who has not heard of RAID: Shadow Legends. This is another natural fit for the MMORPG fan looking for a more casual mobile game experience. Send your team of Champions on raids and dungeon runs, or challenge other players in PVP arena battles. Or let your heroes journey on their own while you do other things.


Ranked: The Best Video Game Heroes Of All Time

Video games include some of the most heroic characters to ever grace a story, and these heroes are true examples of a noble protagonist.

A word of warning, however. RAID is well-known as a "freemium" mobile game, meaning it can prove difficult to get the same value from the game as others who might be paying for the subscription.

Soda Dungeon

Run A Tavern And Send Heroes To Potential Doom

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (16)

Adventuring can be dangerous. Fighting battle after battle will eventually result in your terrible demise. The good thing is that in Soda Dungeon, you're not an adventurer. Instead, you own and operate a tavern near the local dungeon, boosting the various heroes that show up with items and abilities.

Once ready, you send those poor fools into a seemingly endless pantheon of monsters and enemies. The further they get, the more items and money you gain.

With multiple classes of heroes that can appear, and a surprisingly large variety of weapons and armors, this game offers a satisfying blend of loadout management and numbers-go-up dopamine hits. This is one of the best idle games to not rely on timers; the idle component comes from the party adventures.

Send the heroes out, let them auto battle, reap the rewards, and use that to make the next party stronger. Repeat this process, gradually unlocking more features and functions in a nearly endless progress loop.

Realm Grinder

Grind The Fantasy World For Kingdom Come

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (17)

Do you love base-building games? Realm Grinder is a free-to-play kingdom-building idle game for Android and iOS that challenges you to grow your humble farm into a massive realm. The alliances you choose to forge with different races and factions will impact the bonuses you receive.

While Realm Grinder can get pretty involved the larger your kingdom grows, its pixel-art style and idle rewards make for a cozy gaming experience, perfect for picking up on the go.

Fallout Shelter

Keep The Vault Booming And Away From Kabooming!

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (18)

Fallout Shelter might not have been the game fans wanted, but at its core, it is actually a very good idle game. It is reminiscent of survival simulation games like Oxygen Not Included in many ways.


10 Things That Should Be In The Fallout TV Series

Amazon Prime Video is developing a TV series based on the Fallout universe. These are the elements and details that they can't miss.

Manage your own little Vault full of Dwellers, sending them out on missions into the Wastelands to get resources, build your bunker into the ultimate survival base, and help your Dwellers to, uh, repopulate the Earth.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Build The Best Theme Park In Your Spare Time

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (20)

RollerCoaster Tycoon fans rejoice! Now you can take all that theme-park enterprising fun on the road with you. Idle Theme Park Tycoon very naturally takes the classic tycoon game formula and makes it idle. Build your very own amusem*nt park, then sit back and wait for the profits to roll in so that you can continue to expand.

Like many idle games, there are advertisem*nts and microtransactions that multiply your earnings, but with some patience, you can still grow your theme park to be the biggest in the mobile-game world.


Venture, Forage, Farm, Rinse, And Repeat

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (21)

Unlike some other games, the 'idle' part of Forager comes in with setting up your base to automatically produce resources and goods. If you want to continue gathering raw materials and adventuring out in the world, you will have to actively participate in that part yourself.

Hence, the game boasts itself as an "idle game that you want to actively keep playing." While other mobile idle games reward you more for stepping away, Forager lures you back in with promises of expansion and exploration.

Animal Restaurant

Lead Animals To Cook And Serve Other Animals

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (22)

All the cuteness of Neko Atsume meets the fun of running a restaurant-management game. Grow your restaurant by advertising to new critters and making new friends along the way! Every new animal you meet has its own story and benefits that they will bring to your restaurant enterprise.


The Best Cooking Games Available On The Switch

There's a plethora of incredible cooking games on the Nintendo Switch - here are our top picks.

When you close the game, the restaurant will continue to run on its own, but there is a cap on how many tips you can earn while inactive. If you really want to offer the finest dining experience an animal can afford, you will have to be active in running your restaurant.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princesses Who Play Together, Slay Together

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (24)

The developers behind Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost have a new iOS and Android game in the mix called Princess Connect. If you know Granblue Fantasy or Dragalia Lost, you may be thinking, "these aren't idle games!" You'd be right, but Princess Connect is a bit different.

You can play through chapters with your party of girls, where auto-battling is the norm. Additionally, the storyline is separated from the main battle track. You don't have to sit through long dialogue; you can save it for later.

While there are definitely times that you need to strategize, most of this game can be played idly, with auto-battle taking your party through hordes of enemies.

AdVenture Communist

Set Out To Build A Thriving Communist Land

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (25)

Are you sick of capitalism? Do you dream of an escape to a magical land where nothing is wrong? Then AdVenture Communist might be the game for you!

The beloved followup to AdVenture Capitalist, in AdVenture Communist you build a Communist paradise where everyone works together, and the people own the means of production! You start off as a proud potato farmer and work your way up through the ranks. It's very active, with weekly events and special missions popping up all the time, so you'll feel very welcome here.

Cat Condo

Even Cats Worry About Location, Location, Location

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (26)

Cat Condo is exactly what it sounds like;you will populate a giant cat tree,combining cats to get rare ones. For example, at the start, you will have white cats. Combining two of these will create a black one. From here, you can combine two black cats to get a new one. This pattern continues, with dozens of cats that can be created.

At a certain point, you won't be able to create more. Each cat produces money, with rarer cats making more. If you wait for your cats to produce enough money, you can buy rare cats to combine without going through the long process of making it. The more you buy a cat, the more its price will increase, meaning if you play for a while, you will need to save up a lot of money!

The 23 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android (2024)


What is the best idle game out there? ›

Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the best idle games out there. You can play the game to feel relaxed and at the same time, you do not have to put too much effort into playing the game. It is a mobile game and you can play it from anywhere you wish. The game is rich with multiple characters and an engaging storyline.

What is the number one game to play on your phone? ›

GameAs ofPlayer count
PUBG MobileAugust 2023300 million
Super Mario RunAugust 2018300 million
TownshipMay 2020274 million
Knives OutSeptember 2018250 million
48 more rows

What is the most funnest game on mobile? ›

Combined iOS and Android: top 30 mobile games of 2024 so far
1Monopoly Go!180
2Royal Match168
4Candy Crush Saga130
25 more rows
Jan 14, 2024

How to create an idle game? ›

7 best practices you need to know when creating an idle clicker
  1. Choose a monetization model that won't harm retention rates. ...
  2. Utilize rewarded video ads for best results. ...
  3. Test ad placement and frequency. ...
  4. Create a unique and attractive theme. ...
  5. Don't rely on one gameplay system. ...
  6. Soft launch your game before going global.
Aug 10, 2020

What is the hardest game to run right now? ›

The Most Demanding PC Games
  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Cyberpunk 2077.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Next-Gen.
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem.
  • Forspoken.
  • HYPERPC computers. for the most demanding games.

What is the most popular game in existence? ›

Grand Theft Auto V200,000,000Grand Theft Auto
Tetris (EA)100,000,000Tetris
Wii Sports82,900,000Wii
46 more rows

What is the most popular mobile game right now? ›

Top Charts
1Squad Busters Supercell (45,540) — In-App Purchases • Price: Free
2Roblox Roblox Corporation (39,218,167) — In-App Purchases • Price: Free
3Block Blast! Hungry Studio (287,963) ↑2 Price: Free
4Pizza Ready! Supercent (504,816) ↑2 In-App Purchases • Price: Free
21 more rows

What is the #1 game in the world? ›

Looking purely at the number of active players worldwide, PUBG is comfortably at the top of the most popular games pile right now, with over 100 million gamers enjoying this Battle Royale classic.

Are there games that Android and iPhone can play together? ›

There are plenty of quality games that Android and iPhone users can play together. Open-world games, card games, MOBAs, and beat-em-ups; there's no shortage of genres to choose from when playing with friends.

What's the most downloaded mobile game? ›

Most Popular Mobile Games Statistics
  • Candy Crush Saga reached over 2.7 billion downloads by December 2019, maintaining its status as one of the most popular mobile games.
  • Pokemon Go saw over 600 million downloads by December 2020, a testament to its continued popularity over the years.

What is the most played mobile game in the world 2024? ›

In March 2024, Ojol The Game was the most-downloaded gaming app in the Google Play Store worldwide. The casual game generated more than 16.05 million downloads from Android users. Ludo King was the second-most popular gaming app title with approximately 14.07 million downloads from global users.

What is the most downloaded app in 2024? ›

In March 2024, Meta-powered apps Facebook and Instagram were the most downloaded mobile apps worldwide, with 59 million and 58 million downloads, respectively. Social video app TikTok followed with 46 million downloads.

Are there any good idle games? ›

Idle games offer a rewarding experience even when you're not actively playing, making them perfect for casual gamers. Cookie Clicker, Idle Slayer, and Almost A Hero are some of the best idle games that offer enjoyable gameplay and cute visuals.

Can you make money from idle games? ›

Idle games are extremely profitable and can be an easy source of revenue for many game developers. Here are some common strategies to monetize an idle game: In-App Advertising: Developers could strategically place various ad units to ensure effective monetization of an idle game.

Who made the first idle game? ›

"Idle" or "self-playing games" are a new type of video game that, according to Pecorella, first emerged in 2002 with Eric Fredrickson's Progress Quest, a self-playing RPG that cannot be affected by the player.

What is the best money making game out there? ›

Our List of Games That Pay Real Money (2024)
BET MGM CASINOGoogle Play4.4
BINGO CASHSamsung5.0
31 more rows

Is there any game like limbo? ›

1. Little Nightmares 2. Following on from Tarsier Studios' 2017 release (which is also worth a look), Little Nightmares 2 evokes a similar atmosphere to Limbo with its own unique spin on the genre.

What is fun about idle games? ›

Idle games also don't require any particular skills to play them. Rewarding. These games offer a constant sense of progress and reward the player for their efforts. Players can see their progress and feel a sense of accomplishment as they reach new levels or earn new rewards.

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