Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (2024)

The Battle Cats is a fun and exciting tower defense game. In this game, you will choose a team of cats to protect your base from enemy invasions. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right team for the job.

To help guide players in making their teams, we have put together The Battle Cats tier list. This tier list ranks each cat from strongest to weakest. By using our tier list for battle Cats, you will be able to quickly determine which cats are best suited for your team and build the most effective setup possible. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to take on any enemies that come your way!

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The Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024)

The Battle Cats is an evolving game, and our tier list has been updated to reflect version 12.0 changes. Our Battle Cats tier list is broken down into 6 tiers: S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, D tier, and F tier.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (1)

In order to protect the base, players need to have the strongest cats in their lineup. So, go through our Battle Cats uber rare cats tier list to check out which cats are the strongest and best for defending your base.

The Battle Cats S Tier List (2024)

Here comes the best of the best! The Battle Cats S tier list features cats that have the highest strength and can take down any enemy with ease. Cats in this tier are highly sought after, so be sure to get one if you can!

  • Keiji
  • Aphrodite
  • ji*zo
  • Gao
  • Mitama
  • Togeluga
  • Tecoluga
  • D’artanyan
  • Shadow Gao

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The Battle Cats A Tier List (2024)

A-tier cats are not far behind S-tier cats in terms of strength and abilities. They may not be as strong, but they can still do an excellent job of defending your base.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (3)
  • Baby Cat
  • EVA-00
  • NekoShinji
  • Amaterasu
  • Mighty Rekon Korps
  • Raiden
  • Yukimura
  • Thundia
  • Pai Pai
  • EVA-01
  • Tropical Kalisa
  • Catman

The Battle Cats B Tier List (2024)

When it comes to dominating the battlefield, cats in the B-tier are your go-to team members. They may not be as strong as S and A-tier cats, but they can still hold their own against any enemy.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (4)
  • Queen Reika
  • EVA-02
  • Subaru
  • Cat Machine
  • Nurse Cat
  • Windy, Vars
  • Kai, Miyabi
  • Zeus
  • Ganesha
  • Mekako
  • Yuletide Nurse
  • Gothic Mitama
  • Kaguya
  • Ice Cat
  • Urashima Taro
  • Momotaro
  • Hayabusa
  • Sarukani
  • Mighty Drednot
  • Warlock and Pierre
  • Megidora
  • Poseidon

The Battle Cats C Tier List (2024)

C-tier cats are good and can perform to some extent, but they may not be able to take down the toughest of enemies. However, they can still provide great support and add strength to your team.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (5)
  • Spooky Thundia
  • Yoshimoto
  • Sodom
  • Midsummer Rabbit
  • REI
  • Demon Cat
  • Nerv Moon
  • Springtime Kenshin
  • Sakura Sonic
  • Bora
  • Kuu
  • Sodom
  • Saki
  • Mighty Thermae
  • Trickster Himeyuri
  • White Rabbit
  • Hallowindy
  • Bunny and Canard
  • Aer
  • Nekoluga
  • Mizli
  • Akira
  • Voli
  • Cosmo
  • Anubis
  • Mighty Bomburr
  • Kenshin
  • Balauga

The Battle Cats D Tier List (2024)

In D-tier we have cats that are not having the best qualities, but they can still be useful in certain situations. They may not be as strong as other cats, but they can still fulfill a role in your team.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (6)
  • Asiluga
  • Paladin
  • Sea Maiden Ruri
  • Mighty Kat-A-Pult
  • Santa Kuu
  • Lilith Cat
  • Wolfchild Deale
  • Graveflower Verbena

The Battle Cats F Tier List (2024)

We do not recommend having any cats in the F-tier as they are simply not good at all. They will be unable to stand up against any enemy, even with a team of other cats.

Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (7)
  • General Morden
  • Huge Hermit
  • HI-DO
  • Nobunga Unplaced
  • Jupiter King
  • Frosty Kai
  • Mobius

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best cats in The Battle Cats tier list?

When it comes to the best cats in The Battle Cats tier list, Aphrodite, Gao, ji*zo, and Mitama are all standout choices. They are powerful enough to take down any enemy with ease and make great additions to your team.

2. Which cats should I not use in The Battle Cats?

We do not recommend using Frosty Kai, Nobunga Unplaced, and HI-DO in The Battle Cats. These cats are simply not strong enough to take on even the weaker enemies, so it’s best to avoid them.

3. Will the tier list change in future versions of The Battle Cats?

Yes, the tier list will be updated with each new version of The Battle Cats to reflect changes in strength and abilities. Be sure to check back regularly to see which cats are best suited for your team.

4. Is using the tier list mandatory for playing The Battle Cats?

No, using the tier list is not mandatory for playing The Battle Cats. However, it can provide a great guide when forming your team and give you an idea of which cats are best suited for certain tasks.

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Final Words

We hope this Battle Cats tier list has been helpful in finding the best cats for your team. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to take on any enemies that come your way! Good luck and have fun playing The Battle Cats!

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Battle Cats Tier List (June 2024) All Uber Rare Cats Ranked (2024)


How do you get 100% Uber super rare in Battle Cats? ›

Sometimes, there are special offers: triple chance slightly increases the chance to get an Uber Rare Cat, while 100% Uber Super Rare (also known as "Guaranteed Gacha") allows the user to have an Uber Rare Cat for sure, if and only if they exchange Cat Food with an 11-times draw.

What is the rarest rare Cat in Battle Cats? ›

Nekoluga is an Uber Rare Cat that was introduced in Version 2.0 and can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Tales of the Nekoluga event. True Form added in Version 5.0 greatly increases his attack power and gives him the ability to freeze any non-Metal enemy.

Is Raiden a good Uber rare? ›

Raiden is extremely efficient at keeping Red enemies away. Despite his mediocre range, he still outranges threatening Red enemies such as Capy, J.K Bun Bun and Bore, acting almost like a superpowered Pirate Cat.

Is Poseidon a good Uber? ›

Poseidon has high speed, decent health and decent damage and his ability is very good. He is an excellent counter to strong Metal/Zombie foes (Super Metal Hippoe, Sir Metal Seal, Zir Zeal, etc.) and so this makes him a valuable unit on many Metal stages or Zombie stages, as metals and zombies tend to be melee pushers.

Is valkyrie cat uber rare? ›

Li'l Valkyrie is an Uber Rare Cat added in Version 7.2 that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during a special variation of Best of the Best released for BCTW and BCEN's 3rd anniversary and BCJP's 6th anniversary, which contains her instead of Shadow Gao or during a special UBERFEST released early in the ...

How do you get a million dollar cat in Battle Cats? ›

Million-Dollar Cat is a Special Cat that can be unlocked from the Catnip Challenges during the 9th Anniversary Event. Evolves into Hundred-Million-Dollar Cat at level 10.

What is the 1 rarest cat? ›

The Sokoke is arguably the rarest breed in the world. It hails from the coast of Kenya, where it is known for being a feral breed. As a feral breed, the Sokoke needs lots of exercise, and can become bored quickly—if you let it outdoors, it may spend most of its time outside.

What was the first Uber rare? ›

Trivia. This is the first ever Uber Set of The Battle Cats, with Nekoluga being the first member.

What is the rarest cat color? ›

Of all the cat colors, albino is the rarest. Albinism causes a complete lack of pigment, so cats have pink skin, white fur, and pale blue or pink eyes. In order to be albino, a cat must inherit two recessive genes for albinism (A/A), one from each parent.

Should I pull for Miko or Raiden? ›

Raiden Shogun's supportive capabilities allow her to be useful for many other characters, even Yae Miko herself. On the contrary, Yae Miko exclusively focuses on dealing damage without offering any buff or support to her team. So if players want Miko as a support, they need to give her supportive equipment.

Is the Oni Hayabusa good? ›

Oni Hayabusa is very useful throughout Into the Future and many of the Cats of the Cosmos stages where he can be deployed, as he can knock back bulky Aliens like Cyberhorn and Nimoy Bore, and slow quick-moving Aliens, such as Scissoroo and LeMurr. However, keep in mind that some Aliens, such as Maawth and I.M.

Is UBERFEST guaranteed Uber? ›

UBERFEST is more likely to yield 4 to 11 Ubers. 11-draw guarantee with 5% Uber chance is far more likely to yield 1 to 3 Ubers. UBERFEST has more than a third chance to yield nothing.

Is Uber 100% safe? ›

Uber released safety reports in 2019 and 2021, revealing that there were 208 fatalities in Uber-related accidents in the US in 2017–2020. The Uber-related motor vehicle fatality rate for 2017 was 0.59 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. It was 0.57 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled in 2018.

Why is Uber pool so cheap? ›

Share the savings. Uber Pool is Australia's most affordable Uber ride. You save on Uber Pool because we match you with other riders heading in a similar direction.

Is Mighty Lord Gao good? ›

Evolved Form

Mighty Lord Gao remains an excellent generalist backliner, as he can outrange many common enemies, and can be used against those that his prior form can't hit. This makes him a safe pick in many mixed stages, as he will definitely add lots of meaningful support.

How do you get super rare cats? ›

Super Rare Cats (激レアキャラ) are a type of Cat Unit. Most of them can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule (some of them appearing only in specific pools) while others are item drops from special stages.

How do you evolve Uber super rare cats? ›

There are some Special, Rare, Super Rare and Uber Rare Cats that can evolve for a second time to their True Form by using Catfruit and Catfruit Seeds (along with XP) after reaching level 30.

Is UBERFEST guaranteed on Uber? ›

UBERFEST is more likely to yield 4 to 11 Ubers. 11-draw guarantee with 5% Uber chance is far more likely to yield 1 to 3 Ubers. UBERFEST has more than a third chance to yield nothing.

How do you get the super cat in Battle Cats? ›

Superfeline is the 10th Normal Cat, added in Version 11.1. It can be unlocked by playing the Cat Capsule+ after completing Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3. Unlike other Normal Cats, Superfeline maxes out at level 20+9 before User Rank 10001, at which point it can still only go to level 20+30.

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