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1. Workers' Compensation Insurance | Get a Free Quote - Paychex

  • Workers' compensation insurance is essential for protecting your business from on the job injuries. Find the best coverage options with Paychex.

  • Set up and manage the right policy with Paychex Insurance Agency to help you comply with regulations and stabilize your cash flow.

2. What Is Workers' Compensation and How Does It Work? - Paychex

  • Dec 22, 2023 · Workers' compensation insurance helps cover an employee who suffers an injury or illness while executing duties at work. Learn more ...

  • Workers' compensation coverage is insurance that covers an employee who has an injury or suffers an illness while executing duties on the job. Regulations vary from state to state, but it's recommended that employers with one or more employees carry the insurance to mitigate risk.

3. Paychex: PIA P&C Specialist II-Premium Audit and OS - WayUp

  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Paychex payroll service, workers' compensation payment service, and the resulting interaction of this data relative ...

  • Learn more about the PIA P&C Specialist II-Premium Audit and OS position available at Paychex. View qualifications, responsibilities, compensation details and more!

4. Paychex: PIA P&C Specialist I - New Business Operations - WayUp

5. [PDF] TCCA FS 01-31-2022 - Tracy City Center Association

  • Jan 31, 2022 · PAYX-PIA-WC WC-PREMIUM 0000039729608. $38.12. $28,525.97. 01/11/2022. PAYCHEX EIB INVOICE X95627100007863. $353.20. $28,172.77. 01/12/2022.

6. Employee Health Benefit Account Administration - Paychex

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  • Health benefit plans allow employers and employees to set aside funds before they’re taxed to help employees pay for qualified medical expenses in the absence of coverage or not covered by their health plan.

7. [PDF] Bakersfield Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative

  • Sep 30, 2020 · PAYCHEX. WC-PREMIUM. PAYX-PIA-WC. 1161528391. 20/10/15. COC-. GENERAL. FUND. $88.92. $-88.92. $161,589.08. Page 2. Page 3. Name. Transaction.

8. Search: payx-pia-wc Logo PNG Vectors Free Download - Seeklogo

  • Search results for payx-pia-wc logo png icon vector. We have 34 free payx-pia-wc logo png, transparent logos, vector logos, logo templates and icons.

  • Search results for payx-pia-wc logo png icon vector. We have 34 free payx-pia-wc logo png, transparent logos, vector logos, logo templates and icons. You can download in PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, CDR formats.

9. [PDF] Bakersfield Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative

  • Sep 16, 2020 · Wc-premium. Payx-pia-wc. WC-PREMIUM. PAYX-PIA-WC. 1161528391. 20/09/30. GENERAL. FUND. $78.97. $-78.97 $2,032,759.25. 09/30/2020. 19727476.

10. How to Calculate Workers' Compensation Premiums

  • Your classification code rate is determined by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) or your state's rating bureau, and is based on the type ...

  • Understanding workers’ compensation premiums and how they are calculated can be confusing. Learn how to calculate workers’ compensation premiums. At The Hartford, you can choose pay-as-you-go as an efficient workers’ compensation premium payment option.

11. [PDF] Bank statement 11-21.pdf - Massachusetts Library Association

  • 5CD DEBIT, PAYCHEX TPS TAXES 94736700013163X. 526.73. 11/05. 5CD DEBIT, PAYCHEX EIB INVOICE X94750400005013. 89.80. 11/05. 5CD DEBIT, PAYX-PIA-WC WC-PREMIUM ...

12. [PDF] TCCA FS 08-31-2021 - Tracy City Center Association

  • Aug 31, 2021 · PAYX-PIA-WC WC-PREMIUM 0000038632748. $50.68. $61,206.19. 08/10/2021. PAYCHEX EIB INVOICE X93640900007274. $160.29. $61,045.90. 08/11/2021.

13. Paypex (PAYX) Overview - Charts, Markets, News, Discussion and ...

  • Overview information for Paypex (PAYX) including News, Charts, Discussion and more ... (WC); Wind Energy Mining coin (WEMCOIN); Winding ... (PIA); FuturesCoin (FCOIN)

  • Overview information for Paypex (PAYX) including News, Charts, Discussion and more.

14. [PDF] ' 20013

  • Oct 10, 2014 · PAYX-PIA-WC WC-PREMIUM 0000021664378 CCD ID 1161528391. $1,010 2. $122,272 55. 10/03/2014. ACH Debit. PAYCHEX TPS TAXES 57320100007439X CCD ID ...

15. Workers' Compensation -

  • WC Insurance · Compliance · UEGF · Health & Safety Division · Publications · Workers' Compensation Forms · WC Insurance Search · Bureau Code Listings · Contact ...


16. PIA P&C Support Specialist II - AZ Job Connection

  • Sep 15, 2021 · Maintains a high level of knowledge concerning the products and services supported by the Paychex Insurance Agency. Assists external users ...

  • at Aston Carter in PHOENIX, Arizona, United States

17. Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) Company Profile & Facts - Yahoo Finance

  • See the company profile for Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) ... World Cup · College football · News · Scores and ... (PAYX). Follow. 123.53 +1.70 (+1.40%). As of 2:47 PM EDT.

  • See the company profile for Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) including business summary, industry/sector information, number of employees, business summary, corporate governance, key executives and their compensation.

18. PIA - Workers' Comp - Professional Insurance Agents

  • A WC market exclusive to PIA members ; New York Assessment - ; 18.8% Rating Factor - To be determined by each carrier ; Expense Constant - To be determined by each ...

  • This information is effective October 1, 2013 New York Assessment - 18.8% Rating Factor - To be determined by each carrier Expense Constant - To be determined by each carrier Terrorism Lost Cost - $.038 per $100 of payroll Catastrophe Lost Cost - $.008 per $100 of payrollAnnual Salary Guidelines for Corporations, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships

Payx-Pia-Wc (2024)


Which situation qualifies a worker for workers' compensation coverage? ›

If you get hurt on the job, your employer is required by law to pay for workers' compensation benefits. You could get hurt by: One event at work. Examples: hurting your back in a fall, getting burned by a chemical that splashes on your skin, getting hurt in a car accident while making deliveries.

What is the best workers comp insurance in PA? ›

Nationwide offers the best workers' compensation insurance in Pennsylvania. With an impressive MoneyGeek score of 96 out of 100 and a competitive average monthly cost of $91, it is the most affordable option. Note that actual costs may vary based on factors such as the number of employees.

Is Paychex any good? ›

Paychex Flex is a good starting point for small businesses that need a quick, simple payroll solution. It offers you the flexibility to add on services such as time tracking as you need them, and you could easily grow into a more robust Paychex enterprise product as your business grows.

What does Paychex do for employees? ›

Paychex Flex® is our all-in-one HCM, PEO, and HR software. Streamline payroll, benefits, workforce management, talent management, and the employee experience through a secure platform backed by experienced support. We're there for you through chat or over the phone, whenever you have a question, 24/7.

What is the most common workers' comp claim? ›

Cuts and Punctures

For example, sprains and strains are the most common types of injuries for all industries except for small businesses. For small businesses, however, cuts and punctures are the most frequent type of workplace injury, followed by sprains and strains.

Which condition must be met for an injured employee to receive workers' compensation benefits? ›

Your injury or illness must be directly related to your job to qualify for workers' compensation. This includes, but is not limited to, injuries sustained while operating machinery, slips and falls in the workplace, or illnesses stemming from exposure to hazardous substances.

What is the most expensive workers comp claim? ›

1. $13.2 million workers comp settlement for ironworker struck by a car (California)

Do you get full pay with workers' comp in PA? ›

Approximately two-thirds of the workers' salary for total disability (up to a maximum dollar amount provided by law) is paid for the time lost from work as a result of the work related disability, if the disability lasts longer than seven calendar days. There is no maximum payment period.

How much is a workers comp settlement in PA? ›

There are limits to how much you can receive in lost-wage benefits. The most you can receive is based on the State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) which in 2019 is $1,049. So even if two-thirds of your average wage weekly would normally be $1,200, the most you can receive in workers' compensation benefits is $1,049 a week.

What is the Paychex controversy? ›

LOS ANGELES (CN) - Paychex, a nationwide payroll company, embezzled tens of millions of dollars from small and medium-sized businesses in a "deliberate and lucrative fraud" by embezzling small sums and claiming, when caught, "that the withdrawals were merely innocent mistakes," a class action claims in Federal Court.

Can Paychex track you? ›

Employment history and application information submitted through our recruiting and applicant tracking Service. Geolocation data, including Your IP address, to provide Services or if geolocation Services are enabled for time and attendance tracking. Other personal information as needed to provide specific Services.

Which is better ADP vs Paychex? ›

While Paychex offers standard payroll processing tools small businesses need, including the ability to process payroll via direct deposit or paycards and calculate, deduct and pay employee garnishments and tip wages, ADP Run offers the better set of payroll tools and features.

How much PTO does Paychex offer? ›

Paychex's PTO and Vacation policy typically gives 10-15 days off a year with 60% of employees expected to be work free while out of office. Paid Time Off is Paychex's most important benefit besides Healthcare when ranked by employees, with 58% of employees saying it is the most important benefit.

What big companies use Paychex? ›

Companies using Paychex Flex for Payroll include: Bank of America, a United States based Banking and Financial Services organisation with 212000 employees and revenues of $98.58 billion, Wells Fargo, a United States based Banking and Financial Services organisation with 226000 employees and revenues of $73.79 billion, ...

Who competes with Paychex? ›

The main Paychex competitors include:
  • Rippling.
  • Patriot.
  • Gusto.
  • QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Roll by ADP.

What qualifies a worker for workers' compensation benefits Quizlet? ›

To qualify for workers' compensation benefits, the employee must be injured while working within the scope of the job description, be injured while performing a service required by the employer or develop a disorder that can be directly linked to employment, such as asbestosis or mercury poisoning.

Which of the following types of employees may not be covered by workers' compensation? ›

Only a few worker categories are sometimes exempt, such as agricultural workers and real estate agents. This exemption can also apply to certain types of business owners – sole proprietors, independent contractors, and members of limited liability companies (LLCs).

What would be an example of an employees compensation and benefits? ›

Among these are paid time off (vacations, holidays, sick days, even pay for jury duty), health insurance (including dental and vision), supplemental benefits (disability, life, pet insurance, legal benefits), 401K contributions, pensions and retirement savings accounts, and stock purchase options.

How does Texas workers' compensation work? ›

Injured workers in Texas are eligible for temporary income benefits when they have lost money from a job for more than seven days due to a work-related injury. Those days do not have to be in the same week or consecutive. Temporary benefits amount to 70 or 75% of what the worker's average weekly wage before the injury.

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