Mn 411 Roads (2024)

1. Minnesota Road Conditions

  • No information is available for this page. · Learn why

  • Real-time statewide map of crashes, closures, construction, winter road conditions, traffic cameras, plow locations, weather alerts, trucker restrictions, and more. Sign up to schedule SMS/email alerts for your frequent routes and areas.

2. Road and Weather Conditions - Safety Rest Areas & Waysides - MnDOT

  • Minnesota road and weather conditions.

  • Minnesota road and weather conditions

3. MnDOT: Minnesota Department of Transportation

  • Construction Projects, Plans... · Contact - MnDOT · All About Cars and Driving

  • Minnesota Department of Transportation road and travel information, construction projects, regional offices, bid letting, future highway plans, hot topics, jobs, library, map sales, news, public meetings, research and related links.

4. Area Road Conditions - National Weather Service

  • Twin Cities, MN. Weather Forecast Office. Area Road Conditions. > Twin Cities, MN > Area Road Conditions. Current Hazards · Experimental Graphical ...

  • area road conditions

5. Road and Bridge Restrictions - Cook County, MN

6. 511WI| Wisconsin Traffic | Commuter Information

  • Winter Road Conditions List · Wisconsin Cameras · Alerts · Traffic Events List

  • Provides up to the minute traffic information for Wisconsin. View the real time traffic map with travel times, traffic accident details, traffic cameras and other road conditions. Plan your trip and get the fastest route taking into account current traffic conditions.

7. Road Restrictions | Home - City of Duluth

  • 411 West First Street. Duluth, MN 55802. 218-730-5200. EMAIL. Toward Zero Deaths. Contact Us. Duluth City Hall 411 W 1st Street Duluth, MN 55802 (218)730-5000

  • Spring is always welcomed, especially after a long winter. In stark contrast to the welcomed warmer weather, city roads experience the most stress during the spring. This is because the roadbed is saturated with water thereby significantly reducing the strength of the road surface.

8. Road Conditions & Weather Resources - NDDOT

  • ND Roads · North Dakota 511 · Traveling in North Dakota · Snow and Ice Control...

  • An official website of the State of North Dakota

9. Sec. 161.142 MN Statutes

10. Highway Maps | Freeborn County, MN - Official Website

  • Road Status Maps. Location. Freeborn County 411 Broadway S Albert Lea MN 56007. Phone: 507.377.5299 · Quick Links · County Directory · Elections · Freeborn ...

  • various Highway Maps

11. Highway Maintenance - Cook County, MN

  • Graveling and grading unpaved county roads; Doing minor ... MN Road Conditions. icon. Report a Problem. icon. e ... Cook County Courthouse. 411 W 2ND ST. P: 218-387 ...

  • Matt Nesheim

12. Highway 21 and 282 Projects Open House - City of Jordan, Minnesota

  • Join MnDOT to learn about the highway 21 bridge replacements that will close Hwy 21 in 2020. You can also learn about the two Hwy 282 projects to be ...

  • Join MnDOT to learn about the highway 21 bridge replacements that will close Hwy 21 in 2020. You can also learn about the two Hwy 282 projects to be completed in 2021 which will include a roundabou…

13. South Dakota 511

  • South Dakota DOT Travel Information. View road conditions, road cameras, travel incidents and alerts. For state-wide road conditions by phone, call 511 ...

  • South Dakota 511 Travel Information

14. Road Construction/Travel Conditions - - South Dakota

  • South Dakota residents can also dial 511 for current road conditions. Download the app:.

  • South Dakota Department of Transportation Becker-Hansen Building 700 E. Broadway Ave. Pierre, SD 57501

15. Speed Limits | Home - City of Duluth

  • ... Minnesota Statutes, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is the only agency authorized to modify speed limits on city roads. ... 411 W 1st Street Duluth, MN ...

  • Minnesota Statutes 169.14 establishes speed limits on all roads in Minnesota. There are two types of speed limits in Minnesota: statutory and speed zones. The statutory speed limit in urban districts is 30 mph, unless signed otherwise. Therefore, all of our city streets are 30 mph, unless signed otherwise.

16. [PDF] County Highway Map (pdf) - Yellow Medicine County, MN

  • 391 Av. Hwy 212. 212. 212). 331 Av. 411 Av. Minnesota. River. 212 59. 185 St. 368. 455 St. 70 Av SW. 40 St SW. 195/40. 50 Av SW. 7. Hwy 7 SW. MONTEVIDEO. 30 Av ...

17. Public Works | Freeborn County, MN - Official Website

  • Road Status Maps · Construction Updates. Location. Freeborn County 411 Broadway S Albert Lea MN 56007. Phone: 507.377.5299 · Quick Links · County Directory.

  • Learn about the upkeep of your streets and highways.

Mn 411 Roads (2024)


Is there an app for road conditions in Minnesota? ›

The Minnesota 511 Trucker app provides statewide, real-time traffic information for interstates, U.S. routes, and state highways in Minnesota. Features: - Hands-free, eyes-free audio notifications of traffic events while you drive. Drive safely!

What number can you call to learn about road conditions in Minnesota? ›

On the phone, simply dial 511. You will be connected to a computerized voice recognition system. The system will offer voice response and/or touch-tone options to request road-specific information.

Is there an app for local road conditions? ›

The QuickMap app is a real-time traffic information resource that provides information about road conditions on the State highway system; it is not intended to be used as a navigation app.

What is drive weather app? ›

The app allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure time, and other features that help plan road trips around the weather. Drive Weather's unique difference is the vast amount of weather information it efficiently communicates.

Does COtrip have an app? ›

The COtrip app provides statewide travel information for Colorado's interstates, U.S. routes and state highways. It does not include information for county roads or city streets. Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease device battery life.

What is a 511? ›

511 is a three-digit dialing code designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2000, making it easy for users to access traveler information services. The current 511 three-digit number routes the call to the region the traveler is calling from for region-specific information.

Why are there road restrictions in MN? ›

Overview. Each year during the spring thaw (typically early-March to mid-May), State, County and local agencies impose axle weight restrictions to protect the investment that has been made in their roadways.

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