'American Idol' Reveals Top 5 After Night of Dance, Adele & Mentor Ciara (2024)

American Idol

Adele Night

Season 22 • Episode 16

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Hit All the High Notes

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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for American Idol.]

With the finale in sight, the Top 7 tackled dance songs and took on the songbook of the iconic Adele. Helping them nail their performances were multiplatinum superstar Ciara, who served as guest mentor. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie had the best seats in the house as the hopefuls took the stage. This trio of hitmakers gave their feedback, but with no more judge’s save, it was up to America’s votes to finalize the Top 5.

Breaking up the competition was a visit from Meghan Trainor, who guided the emerging talent on the April 22 episode. This time around she entertained with her singles “To The Moon” and “Been Like This.”

Find out who said hello to the Top 5 below.

Jack Blocker

The 25-year-old said he liked to dance but wasn’t a good dancer. He kicked off the night with a classic “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard.. Ciara wanted the graphic designer to get into it with the moves as he played guitar and worked the stage. Luke felt the song had him using his voice in ways they hadn’t heard before. “More of that,” Lionel said. Katy added that it was authentically him. Later in the evening, he took on Adele’s “One and Only.” Katy said she could see him fully feeling himself right now like a rock star. Lionel felt he had this identifiable charisma. Lionel could see him in a relaxed period now and was on fire.

Julia Gagnon

The 22-year-old dances to kick off her mornings. She chose “Rome” by The B-52’s because of how fun they are. Fun fact: Greg Suran of the Idol band is actually in the group! Ciara worked on the hopeful’s hip action. Lionel was impressed by how she could hold a note. Katy thought it was a good song choice, and that she brought the energy. Luke found it refreshing to see her confidence grow. The powerhouse singer then brought out Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” Lionel liked how she made that song her own. Katy thought it was incredible and exactly what Adele wanted on her birthday. Luke felt she came off free and wanted to show people what she could do.

Abi Carter

The 21-year-old confessed she could not dance. Ciara got the California girl thinking about body language and a few moves she could add to the vocal. She performed “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” by Fall Out Boy. “That performance made me scared for my job,” Katy declared. Luke thought it was amazing. Lionel was impressed with how she never broke character or missed a beat, even when the mic pack came undone. Abi then sang Adele’s “Hello” to wrap up the entertainment for the evening. Lionel thought it was the best he heard from her. Katy called it angelic frequency and on another level. “I think you made Lionel Richie forget he wrote the original ‘Hello,” Luke said. He concluded that she crushed it.

McKenna Faith Breinholt

The 25-year-old was grateful to get Katy’s save. She wanted to honor her with a performance of “E.T.” Ciara encouraged the esthetician to push herself in delivery and bring the energy. Luke called it a star-looking moment. Lionel loved how she made a Katy Perry song her song. Katy thought she did a great job and didn’t know she had that in her. For the Adele round, she grabbed her guitar and performed “Make You Feel My Love,” which was written by Bob Dylan. Lionel loved teh song choice. Katy thought she did it well and showed how to transform and keep people on the edge of their seats. Luke felt the performance was done perfectly.

Will Moseley

The 23-year-old said dancing was out of left field for him. He chose “Gimme Three Steps” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ciara was up to the challenge and appreciated how the Georgia boy was open to learning choreography. Lionel liked the fact he was having a good time with it. Katy agreed and called him a rock star. Luke had fun watching him and said he hadn’t hit a bad note all year. Will then put a country spin on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Luke thought it was a great delivery and song choice. Lionel found it fantastic. Katy liked how he gave an Adele song his vibes.

Emmy Russell

The 25-year-old recalled being in eighth grade and watching her school crush dance with the popular girl. She chose “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon for closure for this moment. The Nashville singer-songwriter decided to switch up the arrangement. Ciara encouraged her to start at the piano before going to the mic stand and upping the energy. She stayed at the keys. Katy questioned what happened about getting up from the piano. “I kind of changed my mind,” Emmy responded. Katy still thought it was the most confident and best sounding she had been. Luke agreed and said it might have been her best vocal. Lionel added she was stepping into the lane of superstardom. Katy doubled down saying she sounded the best she ever had. Luke appreciated how she knew who she was but added sparkles and other stuff. Lionel said she was standing into her light and bringing some sultriness.

Triston Harper

Ciara related to the 15-year-old as that was the age she started. The Alabaman teen was all about dancing. That was clear when he hit the stage for “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” by Travis Tritt. Ciara encouraged him to make more eye contact and connect with the audience. Luke said just keep smiling and keep having fun and being him. Lionel appreciated his gyrating. Katy loved watching his mother watching him and said he was on another level. Triston gave a country rendition of Adele’s “Easy On Me.” Luke found it real and really him. Lionel said he was doing some grownup things up there. Katy complimented how he could sell the story of any song, no matter the genre.

The Results

Ryan Seacrest announced Julia Gagnon and McKenna Faith Breinholt were sent home based on a nationwide vote of almost 19 million. The Top 5 will now pack their bags to Orlando for some time at Disney World. It’s where they’ll find inspiration for Disney Night on May 12. The remaining singers are tasked to perform two beloved favorites from the Disney songbook. This will decide the Top 3 for the finale on May 13. Helping them prepare is mentor Kane Brown. Going along with the theme, Jenifer Lewis provides a sure-to-be magical rendition of “Dig A Little Deeper” from , accompanied by Grammy winner Terence Blanchard on the trumpet.

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'American Idol' Reveals Top 5 After Night of Dance, Adele & Mentor Ciara (2024)


Who are the top 3 American Idol 2024? ›

When the fun was done, Abi Carter, Will Moseley and Jack Blocker were announced as the three finalists, while Triston Harper and Emmy Russell were eliminated.

Who won the Idol 2024? ›

Before they sung their new singles, there's a rundown of each Top 2 finalist's journey to this moment. And now, after weeks of performances and millions of votes, who is 2024's "American Idol" winner? Congratulations…Abi Carter!

Who's left on American Idol 2024? ›

The top three was narrowed down to only two when Jack Blocker was eliminated from the show. That meant the final two contestants were Will Moseley and Southern California native Abi Carter. In the end, host Ryan Seacrest announced Abi Carter as the winner.

What is the prize for winning American Idol tonight? ›

The winner of American Idol receives $125,000 just for securing the winning spot in the competition. Along with this, they also earn a record deal. What might be less known is that upon completing their first album, the singer gets an additional $100,000, bringing the total cash prize to $225,000.

Who is the most famous person to win American Idol? ›

These American Idol Contestants Had the Most Successful Careers After the Show
  1. 1 Kelly Clarkson. ...
  2. 2 Carrie Underwood — Season 4 Winner. ...
  3. 3 Jennifer Hudson — Season 3 Contestant. ...
  4. 4 Adam Lambert — Season 8 Runner-Up. ...
  5. 5 Fantasia Barrino-Taylor — Season 3 Winner. ...
  6. 6 Jordin Sparks — Season 6 Winner.
Jan 16, 2024

Who are the finalists on Idol? ›

Jack Blocker, Abi Carter, and Will Moseley are the three remaining finalists for the Season 22 crown. Each of them will have one last chance to sing for the judges and for viewer votes from home, before host Ryan Seacrest announces the 2024 “American Idol” winner.

Who is the most successful person to come out of American Idol? ›

1. Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood earned the title of “American Idol” during season four of the show. The win launched her country-pop career and has made her one of the richest country music stars.

Who were the American Idol Season 3 finalists? ›

NameAgePlace finish
LaToya London254th
Jasmine Trias173rd
Diana DeGarmo16Runner-up
Fantasia Barrino19Winner
87 more rows

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