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Keyword Research & Strategy

It’s easy to get the idea that search engine optimization is simply using common search terms a lot. But you could be competing with thousands of businesses using the same words. Understanding which keywords to use helps you stand out from your competition. That’s where an SEO Agency in Charlotte comes in.

We take the time to research your industry and target very specific search terms. This allows us to deepen your SEO strategy and rank for keywords that your competitors ignore. We take it further and create actionable plans for how and where to use keywords to maximize their benefit.

The result is organic leads flowing to your site every day.

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Content Writing

“Content is King,” as they say, but today it couldn’t be more true. Google needs to see that your visitors spend quality time on your website and take action. Our SEO writers know those triggers and how to improve your content right away.

Integrating the keywords you need to rank are a massive part of this. Long tail keywords can inspire blog posts that grab your customer’s attention and make them think. Once you have them interested and your website is well-designed, your next conversion is only a click away.

We work with professional writers to create content that search engines will love as much as your customers.

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Local SEO

Almost 2/3 of Google searches are about local stores and services. Improve your local visibility for your website with Google My Business (GMB). Read our dedicated Local SEO page to learn more.

If you’re running a local business, whether it’s your first location or your third franchise, you need to take advantage of local SEO strategies. Some elements are easy to integrate, like adding “Charlotte, North Carolina” after your service or business name.

Other tasks should be done periodically for your business to rank well with local SEO. Having people regularly review your business or ask questions boosts your name in the listings. At the same time, representatives responding promptly helps you stand out.

We can design and implement a local SEO strategy to get you all the business you deserve.

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On-Page SEO

SEO optimizations on your website such as meta-tags, title tags, description tags, headlines, and alt-tags are crucial. They help search engines understand the nature of your content. We go through your website and make the necessary updates so that you can get more leads right away.

Our professional marketing team understands everything that goes into optimizing your website. As a full-service SEO agency in Charlotte, we can help you overhaul your website from content to page elements. Every change we make has a proven connection to increasing SEO success, and we’re happy to explain it as we go along.

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Off-Page SEO

You might think Search Engine Optimization is just about your website performance, but there’s much more to it. Whether your business is exclusively eCommerce or you run a local shop, building your reputation cannot be done solely from your website.

We help you with collecting reviews, spreading the word on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, and making sure that your business is listed on all major directories. We’re ready to put the time into helping your page rank. We’ll even make our own high-authority sites to supply your backlinks.

What does your business need to connect with the right customers?

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Bringing a prospect to your website is one thing, but turning them into a warm lead is another! With experience in every aspect of digital marketing, from web design to SEO strategy, our team of professional marketers will help your site close sales. We help you transform your website into a sales tool so you don’t waste any traffic.

When we do our free SEO audit, we take the time to see where you might lose customer interest. From common problems like limited pricing pages to improperly constructed landing pages, we can turn any website into a conversion machine.

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Link Building

Backlinks are very important and they need to naturally come from trustworthy sources. Finding the trusted voices in your industry isn’t hard. The trouble is that you need a relationship and mutual benefit to get them to link to you.

That’s where Wedgewood Marketing comes in. We connect you with hundreds of blogs and websites that are relevant to your industry and strengthen your online reputation. When we had clients fighting for SEO rankings in a highly-competitive industry, we made our own high-authority sites.

We’re more than another SEO agency in Charlotte. Our team of marketing professionals is ready to innovate at every turn to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

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Shopify SEO

It’s the age of the side gig, and everyone is trying their hand at entrepreneurship. You aren’t just competing against established brands when you work with Shopify. Your website is competing with over a million other businesses hosted by Shopify.

We have years of experience optimizing Shopify SEO, and we can help you fortify your SEO efforts for your online store with the right optimizations. We create SEO-friendly product pages that allow potential buyers to find you easily.

If you’re afraid your site is getting lost in all the noise, we can help. Wedgewood marketing offers you the ECommerce marketing and SEO optimization services your business needs to make money in a tough economy.

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Company Recognitions

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Based on 35 reviews

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SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (13)

Steve Henderson

07:03 03 Aug 22

Wedgewood had a big impact on our SEO traffic and overall business. They offered a thorough audit, actionable... solutions, and great resultsread more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (14)

Miles Ross

20:35 28 Sep 21

Wedgewood has done an awesome job helping me get the visibility I had envisioned for my business. After partnering with... them I have seen a huge increase in traffic to my site and couldn't be happier! They actually listened to what I wanted to do and what I wanted to spend, then created a plan built specifically for the needs of my business. These guys are awesome, will definitely be sticking with them moving forward for all my SEO and PPC needs!read more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (15)

Tim Petrinec

01:35 02 Sep 21

Couldn’t be happier with Wedgewood. An actual customized plan that delivered quick and continual results. Truly best in... class service. Highly recommend for any business that is serious about results from their marketing more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (16)

kelly williams

16:26 30 Aug 21

Great company to work with! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They put together my accounts and SEO on my... websites to get me up and running in the right direction. Rely on the experts don’t reinvent the wheel, trusting people who know the business will save you time and money in the long run!read more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (17)

Michael Cox

14:51 20 Aug 21

Wedgewood has done great work for us in SEM and all things digital. Very helpful in teaching our internal team to help... everyone on both sides get better results and work as a team. Way different than all the other agency relationships we've had in the past!read more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (18)

Benjamin Waksmunski

20:59 19 Aug 21

In my experience, Wedgewood does a great job using true analysis for making decisions regarding digital advertising... placement and language. Where as other digital marketing shops I've worked with have been reluctant to provide an honest perspective on proposed marketing tactics, Wedgewood has always used numbers to justify campaign more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (19)

Jacky Joe

19:00 19 Aug 21

I had the pleasure of partnering with Wedgwood Marketing on a lead generation project. They were both professional and... punctual during our collaboration. I would recommend their service offerings for performance marketing more

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (20)

Joshua Patton

14:21 08 Aug 21

I've had the pleasure of working with Wedgewood Marketing for both of the businesses that I operate and both times... their service and results far surpassed even my lofty expectations. I was able to work one on one with the owner of the company who took the time to understand what our goals were and helped strategize the best way to achieve them. I have since retained their services on an ongoing basis to help to continue to drive growth. I highly recommend reaching out to Wedgewood for any of your digital marketing more

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Explore Our SEO Process

1. Free Audit

Our team will analyze your website and your current rankings on Google. We uncover the major technical issues and what is stopping you from getting additional traffic on Google

2. Complete SEO Plan

Our SEO team will provide you with a full action plan: what keywords we are targeting, the content to write, and how to transform your website within a define timeline

3. Keyword & Content Strategy

We send you an updated sitemap with the keywords to target. Our copywriters will write SEO-optimized content for all of your webpages. A blog will also be created so you can post fresh content regularly.

4. Website Optimization

Our developers will implement the updated content along with the meta-data. We will also make sure that your website is designed to load fast and trigger as many actions as possible

5. Off-Site Optimization

Our developers will implement the updated content along with the meta-data. We will also make sure that your website is designed to load fast and trigger as many actions as possible

6. Tracking & Reporting

We track keyword ranking, organic traffic, and lead generation from SEO sources. We create a custom dashboard for you that is fully personalizable.

SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (21)

Charlotte SEO Company

As a local marketing agency, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re competing in the market against other small businesses and big names in the game.

But here you are, so we must be doing something right.

Our teams of internet marketing professionals understand all of the complicated elements that go into SEO rankings. After our free audit, we can help you take the next steps you need to get your website in front of your ideal customers.


SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (22)

Our Success Stories

Read our most recent SEO case studies and how we increase both of our clients’ organic performance in a short period of time

Learn how

Learn how

Search Engine Optimization Expertise You Can Trust

The way people talk about Search Engine Optimization can make it sound difficult and obscure. Worse, SEO professionals can be cagey and protective of their SEO techniques. Trying to find the support you need for your website to thrive can be challenging.

Even when clients find an agency they click with, they can end up disappointed. Many agencies promise the world and end up under-delivering. We’re proud to offer services that can help your company recover from the underperforming marketing strategies of other agencies.

As the best SEO company in Charlotte, our SEO experts know how to turn your website into a lead generation asset. We do it with transparency and techniques allowed by Google.

We can help you if one of the following situations apply to you:

  • Your competitors’ websites are ranking higher than yours
  • You cannot find your business online easily
  • You are not receiving leads or phone calls through your website
  • You have a new website and you need new business as soon as possible

We have seen it all, and we have always been able to help.

Schedule a Free Audit with our experts today to get started!


SEO Company in Charlotte, NC | Wedgewood Marketing (25)

Things Our Clients Love About Our Charlotte SEO Services

We’re here to make customer dreams a reality. Our strategies are made for customer satisfaction and long-term success. Clients love that we can train their internal teams, create the foundation they need to succeed and provide ongoing support to continue to meet their goals.

Straightforward Communication​

There’s a strange binary when it comes to search engines and SEO. Search engines are clear about their expectations, but many Charlotte SEO experts like to keep an air of mystery. Their secrecy can make it hard for companies seeking help to understand what’s happening with their accounts.

Our marketing professionals work with you to create the results you want. If you have questions about the marketing strategy we designed for you, we won’t leave you in the dark. We’re happy to help you understand every aspect of your accounts.Contact us todayfor your free SEO audit.

We don’t throw around theoretical solutions and form incoherent plans. When we strategize, we bring concrete, actionable statistics to the table. Our work is built on years of specialized experience and cutting-edge technologies.

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Customized Services

A lot of agencies offer cookie-cutter plans to reduce costs and raise revenue. As a Charlotte Search Engine Optimization company, we have a team working together to develop a unique marketing strategy for your business. We take the time to understand your business needs, where your SEO strategies have fallen short, and craft something to help your business thrive.

We aren’t afraid to update our plans, either. Success means being ready to adapt when the situation calls for it. With local and global economies changing rapidly, your marketing plan needs to be able to change with the times.

Our services involve routine optimization so your business can expect a steady stream of clients for years to come. Working with Wedgewood Marketing means a long-term partnership focusing on your success.

Do the best thing for your business andschedule your free SEO audit today.

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Education and Industry Experience

Wedgewood Marketing is more than another Charlotte SEO company. We’re a full-service internet marketing firm. Our experts have years of experience working across industries like real estate, wellness, and industry.

Every client is a unique opportunity to understand an industry differently. Our diverse team of marketing experts learns every day, from developing new strategies to testing the latest technology.

When you work with us, we can promise you that we’ll take the time and effort necessary to meet and exceed your expectations at every stage of the process.

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Friendly and Professional Teams

As your SEO company, we’re customer-oriented and here to help you succeed in transforming your business. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get the results you want while providing the customer service you need.

Trying to navigate the churning sea of digital marketing on your own can be frustrating and overwhelming. Big SEO agencies can forget how to support a client through the process, but not us. Our experienced marketing professionals will make you feel comfortable, whether you already have some marketing experience or you’re the owner of a startup dipping your toe in the waters of marketing success for the first time.

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Also Serving: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Columbia, Gastonia, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, Asheville

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