Man branded a 'legend' for revenge plot against noisy neighbour (2024)

Neighbour wars are not uncommon. Whether you argue over parking spaces or they trim your hedge without asking – even minor things can drive people mad.

About 60% of Brits have experienced a dispute with their neighbour, or felt negatively towards them, with 16% admitting this has happened ‘many times.’

But for Chase Keller, the arrival of a new neighbour next door left him at his wits end, when every night for a week they held very loud drum and bass parties.

He said: ‘The little s**ts parents must’ve gone on holiday because every day this week he’s been having parties, and not the nice fun kind – dirty drum and bass raves.

‘Now if it’s a Friday or Saturday, go for it, but tonight is a Tuesday and I’m not having it so I will seek my revenge.’

Chase went on to say he owns an events company so he has a lot of time on his hands and the right equipment.

At 8pm he set up his sound system and waited for next door to begin blaring their music.


I cant tell you how much joy this brought me. #prank #fyp

♬ original sound – Chase Keller Music

‘It’s a bit overkill but I feel really good about it. If I hear one murmur of drum and bass come out that neighbour’s garden, I’m going to set this sound system loose so loud on the most embarrassing song I can find.’

Like clockwork the rave music begins and is noticeably loud on Chase’s audio. So, the events company owner went on Spotify and chose Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! by the Vengaboys as his poison of choice, and began blaring it even louder.

At the end of the video his neighbour can be heard shouting over the fence: ‘Bro, what the f**k?’

The top reasons for neighbourly disputes:

Of those who have quarreled with next door, 40% say it was down to the household being too noisy during anti-social hours.

It seems that impolite behaviour is one of the biggest pet peeves for residents, too – with 33% saying their neighbours have been rude to them.

Likewise more than a quarter (28%) admit they’ve had boundary disputes with those living next to them.

In terms of topics for other rows, parking problems and nosy behaviour (such as invading privacy) were named as the most common issues – listed by 27% and 25%, respectively.

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The TikTok hit 1.4 million views with over 150,000 likes and people in the comments were a huge fan of Chase’s saying his approach to the antisocial behaviour was ‘amazing’.

Toni Mainly Belle wrote: ‘This is my kind of level of petty,’ while Joan commented: ‘You’re a genius.’

‘If you can’t take it, don’t dish it is the saying,’ said Misty.

Others branded him a ‘legend’ and ‘class’, while some suggested other tunes for him to blast if the neighbours continued to have parties – including Barbie Girl by Aqua and Baby Shark.

But his attempt at revenge didn’t deter his neighbour from having another three parties for the next three days in a row.

In a second video Chase said: ‘I do love a bit of drum and bass, but it’s a Wednesday in my garden. It’s not f**king Fabric!’

This time, the Brit set up a hot tub in his garden and blared every song of his he’d ever made. This time next door can be heard shouting: ‘Dude, what the hell?’

The following night, Chase found himself again trying to enact revenge on his neighbour and this time he set up an entire karaoke stage and sung Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

By the time Saturday rolled around, things took a turn for the worse, with the drum and bass music starting at 1pm in the afternoon – and this time next door had an MC too.

So, there was nothing else for it, Chase set up his speakers. This time he answered the pleas of the thousands of TikTok comments he’d been getting on his previous videos and played Baby Shark.

While some were concerned for the other neighbours who were being subjected to the musical war, Chase hasn’t mentioned any complaints.

Others on the social media platform shared their similar petty approach to noisy neighbours.

Jot wrote: ‘My neighbours did karaoke on their deck for two weeks. I hired a sound system and played a recording of howling dogs all night.’

Sarah North Youle shared: ‘Our neighbour once played the same Westlife song on repeat all night. I was up for work at 6am, so I turned up a screamer metal CD, faced the speakers at their inside wall and left for a 10 hour shift.’

‘Worked nights [with a] 2am start, neighbours used to play music full blast all night… so I borrowed a friend’s set up, put it against the wall and played Disney songs on full blast while I was at work,’ said Robert Thomson.


You asked for it… here it is. Lets see if it works. #prank #fyp

♬ original sound – Chase Keller Music

If you’re struggling with a noisy neighbour and don’t feel like stooping to their level sadly there’s not much that you can do.

On the Ask The Police website it states: ‘The police can attend incidents like this and can ask the organisers to reduce the noise.

‘However, the police have no powers of prosecution for noise offences, and it may be necessary for you to contact the Environmental Health Department at your local authority.’

The police advise you approach your neighbour directly and attempt to resolve the situation. If this doesn’t work, keep a diary of information about the noise, such as when it occurs, how long it is and how long it goes on for.

Your local authority may provide you with some equipment to record the noise. These two steps are designed to gather evidence.

According to the police: ‘If the council decides someone is causing a statutory noise nuisance, they must issue a ‘noise abatement’ order (i.e. a chance for them to turn the noise down), which if broken can lead to a fine, although it is likely they will give your neighbour the opportunity to turn the TV / music down without further action.’

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Man branded a 'legend' for revenge plot against noisy neighbour (2024)


How to shut up noisy neighbours? ›

Ask Them Nicely to Respect Your Schedule
  1. Knock and Ask Politely. ...
  2. Leave a *Politely* Worded Note. ...
  3. Bring a Plate of Cookies to Chat Over. ...
  4. Offer to Agree on Noisy vs Quiet Hours. ...
  5. Lay Rugs and Hang Drapes. ...
  6. Draft Stoppers and Window Insulation. ...
  7. Soundproof Air Vents. ...
  8. Noise Reduction Panels on the Connecting Wall or Ceiling.
Oct 7, 2022

How to get your own back on noisy neighbours? ›

How to deal with noisy neighbours summarised
  1. Approach your neighbour politely about the noise.
  2. Make a noise complaint to your council.
  3. Seek mediation if the problem persists.
  4. Soundproof your house.
  5. Contact the freeholder if it's a leasehold property.
  6. Take legal action if necessary.

How to stop neighbours from noise? ›

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  2. Wooden shutters. ...
  3. Sound dampening curtains. ...
  4. Soft furnishings. ...
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  6. Wallcoverings and thick blankets. ...
  7. Fix loose floorboards. ...
  8. Acoustic caulk.

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  2. Stay Calm and Objective.
  3. Open Communications.
  4. Create Clear Boundaries.
  5. Protect Valuable Property.
  6. Invest in Home Security.
  7. Document Important Incidents.
  8. Check Out Local Regulations and Laws.
Nov 20, 2023

How to record noisy neighbours for evidence? ›

Neighbour Noise

The usual way is to have a noise monitor that makes a digital recording of the audio, so you can listen to it and positively identify the source. For sound level measurement with data logging and audio recording triggered at the push of a button, choose a Noise Nuisance Recorder.

How do you deal with noisy inconsiderate Neighbours? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Talk to your neighbor calmly about their noise and how it's affecting you. ...
  2. Ask your landlord or building manager to mediate your conversation if your neighbor doesn't comply. ...
  3. If none of the solutions work, call the police when the neighbor is being extremely loud and a disturbance.

What would you do if you had really noisy Neighbours? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Talk to your neighbor calmly about their noise and how it's affecting you. ...
  2. Ask your landlord or building manager to mediate your conversation if your neighbor doesn't comply. ...
  3. If none of the solutions work, call the police when the neighbor is being extremely loud and a disturbance.

How to sleep with noisy neighbors? ›

Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to help block out noise and have a better night's sleep:
  1. Using white noise.
  2. Wearing earplugs.
  3. Moving your bed away from the noise.
  4. Putting up sound-blocking curtains.
Nov 8, 2021

How to get rid of nosey neighbors? ›

In this blog post, we will discuss eight ways that you can deal with nosy neighbors and keep them from invading your privacy!
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  2. Light-Filtering Blinds and Tapestries. ...
  3. Curtains. ...
  4. Sound-Proof Your Home. ...
  5. Potted Plants. ...
  6. Security System. ...
  7. Talk It Out With Your Neighbors. ...
  8. Call The Police.
Feb 13, 2023

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