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We’re here to work with you as a true SEO partner, elevating your business in search results, and providing the best SEO service to help you grow.

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We’re an experienced SEO team that’s breaking the traditional boundaries that large agencies have built.

We’re ushering in a new era of client-focused SEO that values each client’s individual needs, breaking free from the constraints of out-of-touch, overpriced cookie-cutter strategies from large, inexperienced SEO agencies. With over 15 years as an Jacksonville SEO expert, our small yet proficient team delivers real-time communication, a tailored approach without the burden of long-term contracts, and remarkable results for local, eCommerce, and national clients throughout the evolution of search engines.

Our rich portfolio of clients emphasizes a commitment to understanding regional market dynamics and delivering on promises. Whether working with established companies or emerging startups, our expertise and results-driven approach have made us a trusted SEO partner, consistently ranked as a top Jacksonville SEO company. Being small, maintaining exceptional communication, and achieving results is the pride of our team. We understand your time is valuable; let us give you a proposal today!

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Absolutely No Contracts

We hate contracts as much as the next guy, as they provide a sense of uncertainty, so we threw them out completely.

Passion For Analytics

Leveraging data, and we focus on data-driven decisions to evolve your SEO campaign strategy and deliver results.

Progress Tracking

We review your rankings and analytics almost daily, and your data is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Complete Transparency

We have nothing to hide. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what we’re doing to evolve your SEO campaign.

Set Monthly Fees

No hidden fee’s, no surprises, and no up-charges. Premium SEO services, without large-agency pricing models.

15+ Years of Experience

I (Jason Shaffer) have been developing and implementing strategic SEO campaigns since the beginning of 2004.

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JSG has been incredible to work with. Our site required some major updates on the development side of things. We noticed a dramatic increase of leads. We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Jason as he continues to build our SEO and optimize our site.

Theresa Messenger / Google

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My company was using a lead generation company when we reached out to Jason. I wanted someone with a more organic approach to SEO. We're now getting more quality leads and Jason continues to work on our site to make sure we are visible and gaining rank. Very happy with the service and quick responses.

Ryan Felty / Google

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Jason and his team have played a significant role in the growth of our business. We switched from another local marketing company to JSG several years ago, and the results have been great - and they're always responsive. Highly recommended!

Kyle Powell / Google

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We're excited to announce that JSG has been recognized as a top Search Engine Optimization company for the 5th year in a row in 2023 by Clutch.co, a leading business services ratings and reviews company.

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Grow your business with SEO

Benefits of our Jacksonville SEO Company

What sets my team and I apart from our competition is over 15+ years of genuine experience building and executing search engine optimization strategies that drive results without misleading our clients. We’re here to work with you as a true SEO partner. We will provide you the best Jacksonville SEO services we can at a fair, reasonable monthly price structure with complete transparency and no hidden fees. My team and I operate without contracts, because we feel long-term contracts just develop a sense of over-commitment or uncertainty. Since we’re not a large agency, you’re not going to get outrageous pricing models, random account managers, or people with minimal experience. You’re going to get real time communication that’s only an email, text message, or phone call away.

An essential benefit to working with our SEO company is that we already have an understanding of how to identify, analyze, and set realistic goals to out-rank your competition in Jacksonville, FL or anywhere else in the country. Our custom-tailored SEO strategy will achieve higher search rankings which results in;

  • increased traffic to your website,
  • increased search rankings for your products and services,
  • increased brand awareness and visibility online,
  • increased value perception over your competition,
  • improved website speed, load performance, and usability,
  • increased number of sales and leads: retail, phone, email, eCommerce

Features of our Jacksonville SEO Services

It’s important to understand there is no cookie-cutter strategy when it comes to Jacksonville SEO. Every business is unique in its content, localization, products, and services. As search engines continue to make SEO more sophisticated through algorithm changes, and the implementation of RankBrain (artificial intelligence) and BERT (natural language processing), the need for high-quality content and a robust back-link profile becomes more important. With this in mind, to deliver your business the best results in organic search rankings, Google Maps, and Bing Maps, our SEO strategies are designed to address the critical elements of search engine optimization which include:

  • Develop a keyword strategy to target keywords that will drive traffic/leads
  • Optimize on-site architecture: meta, tags, headings, alt tags, internal linking
  • Optimize technical architecture: schema, redirects, performance, speed
  • Optimize content/landing pages for target keywords
  • Optimize Google/Bing maps and profiles
  • Develop backlinks from local and authoritative websites
  • Business citation management: name, address, phone number, business details
  • Monitor and track keyword ranking improvements
  • Optimize call-to-actions based on analytics, behavior flow, and user experience
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring

How to Reach Jacksonville, FL and Beyond

We know your website is not properly optimized for maximum search visibility. You probably receive a minimal amount of organic traffic related to non-branded keywords for the types of products and services you offer. The lack of organic ranking results in minimal website conversion. Not being seen by potential customers in organic search results is incredibly frustrating. Worse is knowing these potential customers are finding your competitors instead. Having a well-designed site won’t get you far if the right people can’t find it.

The primary focus of our Jacksonville SEO strategy is to increase the rankings of a website in a target geographic location in both the search results and map listings. Local SEO is an essential tool that must be included in your marketing strategy because most successful businesses in Jacksonville, FL credit both referrals and Local SEO as their primary source of clients and customers. With a successful SEO strategy, your business will appear at the top of local and location-specific searches. If you’re looking to expand outside of a target geographic location, our national SEO and ecommerce SEO services will be a great fit, too.

How Our Jacksonville SEO Agency is Using AI

Our Jacksonville SEO agency leverages AI to analyze extensive data sets, uncovering the latest trends in search behavior and allowing us to formulate SEO strategies that are effective and highly adaptable. The predictive power of AI positions us uniquely, enabling us to foresee and adapt to shifts in popular keywords and search queries, which is critical in developing content that stays in step with the dynamic search engine algorithms. By utilizing AI, we stay ahead, anticipating changes in online search behavior and ensuring that our clients’ websites align with the latest search engine standards, enhancing their visibility and competitive edge. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into our SEO strategies means that when you choose our team for your SEO needs, you’re working with a team embracing a forward-thinking approach that keeps your search visibility ahead of the competition.

"Our company have been using Jason for over 7 years and we could not be happier. He has helped our SEO and website evolve over the years, remaining current and relevant."

- Shari Stewart Get a proposal

Jacksonville SEO Company | Award-Winning SEO Expert - JSG (2024)
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